Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visitors’ survey

The purpose of the survey is to get first hand information of the visitors visiting this part of tourist circuit (Gaya, Nalanda and Pawapuri). Exercise will help us understand attitudes and perceptions of the visitors. Findings will facilitate the community’s understanding about what tourist expects and what resources are available with the community. Findings of the survey coupled with the findings of the PRA shall form the basis of future participatory planning activity to be carried under the project.

Survey approach shall be a Quantitative research.


Economic impact- it measures the visitors spending/ potential spending generated by the activity.
Visitor Profile- A visitor’s profile is a description of the visitors based on demographical and behavioral characteristics.
Visitor perceptions- Understanding the perceptions the visitors and the potential visitors have of the place and the products shall assist the community in planning the tourism products.

Survey shall be done by a team of students from the NavaNalanda Mahavihar. Team shall be oriented on the process of conducting survey.

Domestic and international visitors at Bodh Gaya, Rajgir and Pawapuri shall be interviewed. A total of 300 tourists shall be interviewed.

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