Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If we see the data of international visitors coming to Nalanda we find an annual increase of more than 10% in the current decade. This is a good opportunity when we can plan some unique cultural experience for the tourists; such initiative will enrich the experience of the visitors and increase the qualitative and quantitative stay of the visitors as well. Such initiative shall flourish with the participation of the local communities, in the process benefiting the community and the visitors while conserving the heritage.

Total Visits -Domestic tourists

Total Visits- International Visitors

Monthly visit Profile- Year 2008

Domestic tourists

International Tourist

Location (Villages included for the PRA)

In the first phase of the project we plan to involve the community of Villages in the immediate vicinity of Nalanda. The Villages included for the PRA are,
1- Bargaon
2- Surajpur
3- Sarilchak
4- Nirmal Bigha

The main focus of the present initiative is to develop a wider tourist circuit involving villages with archleogical significance. Archaeological site Rukmanisthan which is part of Jagdishpur and Juafardih village has the Mound which was excavated by ASI in 2007. There are evidences suggesting Juafardih is the ancient Kulika and the stupa is possibly linked to Mahamogallan, one of the main disciples of Buddha. Both the sites are close to Nalanda and are potential tourist destinations.
The next step would be to develop a Tourism development committee involving the people of the villages for their effective participation and a role in the decision making process.

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