Thursday, April 5, 2012

Aerial Photography at Gurpa (Kukkutapadagiri)

Gurpada (also Kukkutapadagiri, now Gurpa) is known as the place in which Maitryea Buddha will return and receive the robes of the Buddha kept with Maha Kassappa. Legend says that Maha Kassapa didn’t die. Instead, he took Samadhi at this majestic place, sleeping within the rock. Maha Kassapa will offer the robes of the Buddha to the future Buddha when Maitryea Buddha descends to this realm in order to share the next basket of teachings with the world. This place was such a big attraction for the followers of the teachings of the Buddha over the centuries, that pilgrims developed Gurpada in their own native countries.
With aerial views from the top of Gurpa Hill, Yves Guichard and I hoped to capture the majesty of this place to match the legend.
Read about Mahakassapa and Gurpa (also Gurupada)

With Sunil Kumar, an enthusiastic young guy from the village

We were fortunate to meet Ven. Ananda Bhante and his disciples at the Gurpa Hill

Shri Anil Kumar a very resourceful and helpful person