Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ghoda Katora Dam a Tourism Destination now

  Ghoda Katora Dam a Tourism/Picnic Destination now!

Ghodakatora Dam (25° 01’01 N, 85° 29’ 51 E) is surrounded by hills from three sides. As the name suggests this place was associated with horses (Ghoda). In ancient times, Rajgriha, the capital of the Magadhan Empire, was ruled for centuries by many kings.  This area was most likely a watering hole for a large number of the king's army horses.

In 2009, December, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar, visited this place.  He was immediately captivated by its natural beauty and natural setting. In consultation with government officials, he immediately set the stage for the development of Ghoda Katora Dam as a destination for tourism.

The CM's visit in 2009, December (in pictures):

CM enjoying the Tonga ride to the Ghoda katora Dam site

CM and the officials going around the lake (Dec, 2009)
CM's Visit in 2009, December

Previously under the Department of Forestry, the Ghoda Katora Dam was transferred to the Department of Tourism on January 28, 2011, with the intent to keep this area ecologically-friendly.  Only bicycles and horse carts (Tongas) shall be permitted on the road to the dam. Efforts to keep the area in its pristine state have also been made.  Waste cans for trash are provided, as well as, portable public toilets.  

Ghoda Katora Dam in 2011, January

5 km approach road from Griddhkuta Hill parking to Ghoda Katora Dam
Forest road beautified for a smooth ride to the Dam

The CM and his entourage arrives at the venue on Horse Carts
(Pic Courtesy. Shri S. Siddharth, Secretary to CM)
The Inaugural Ceremony (Pic Courtesy. Shri S. Siddharth, Secretary to CM)

CMand the state Tourism Minister,  unveiling of the commemorative plaque
CM and Shri RCP Singh ( MP, Rajya Sabha) enjoying the boat Ride (courtesy. Shri S. Siddharth, Secretary to CM)
CM and Shri RCP Singh (MP, Rajya Sabha) taking the boat ride
  Inquisitive Students talking to Monica Harvey(Pic Courtesy. Shri S. Siddharth, Secretary to CM)
Vaishali  and Monica enjoying the boat Ride
Paragliding an attraction at Ghodakatora Dam (Pic Courtesy. Shri S. Siddharth, Secretary to CM)
Shri RCP Singh releasing the Turtle in the Dam

The CM talking to the Audience
Venue ready for the D-Day
Rajgriha now has a much needed picnic place
Swans to be released in the Dam

The Community happy with this move and now ready to receive tourists