Tuesday, October 25, 2011

42nd Anniversary Celebration of Vishwa Shanti Stupa- Griddhkuta, Rajgir

Vishwa Shanti Stupa (World Peace Pagoda) was conceptualised by  Most Ven. Nichidatsu  Fujii of Nichihonzan Myohoji sect that emerged from Nichren School. The Foundation stone of Vishwa Shanti Stupa was laid by President Dr. Radha Krishnan in 1965 and inaugurated by President Shri V. V Giri in 1969.
 Shri Upendra Maharathi ,noted architect and artist, played an important role in its design and architecture.

Most Ven. Nichidatsu  Fujii
Rope Way.....an easy way to reach to the top..
The Vishwa Shanti Stupa was constructed at Ratnagiri Hill behind the Griddhkuta hill because it was at Griddhkuta that the Buddha delivered the Saddharma Pundarika Sutra the basis of Nichiren Sect. Also Rajgriha( Rajgir) is an historical place and was capital of the Ancient Magadha Empire. Ven. Fujii Gurujee believed Rajgriha played an important role in the installation of the Buddha as a religious leader.
The Majestic Vishwa Shanti Stupa.....Celebrating its 42nd Year
Ratnagiri Hill getting ready for the occasion...
Ven. Dhammajyoti with the Invitation card....
Pilgrims and devotees  from Japan......

Memorable moment for the Japanese Pilgrims....
Ven Okonogi Ji and Smt. Mahasweta Maharathi Ji....Pillars behind the annual show
Peace drum.........to spread peace vibrations in the cosmos...
Magnificient Bihar reports......
The Offerings and the portrait of most Ven. Fujji Guruji
Monks and Nuns with the Offerings enter the arena...
The prayers by the Monks and Nuns
Hon. Chief Minister of Bihar Shir Nitish Kumar Ji arriving at the ceremony
Monks and Nun chanting the Saddharma Pumdarika Sutra
Offering incense....
Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar ji offering his prayers
The World Peace Pagoda is a symbol of Peace. Thousands of pilgrims and visitors visit this place every year and pray for peace by circumambulating the Peace Pagoda. The Chief Guest Shri Nitish Kumar Ji also took the circumambulating path around the peace pagoda drumming the traditional peace drum.

The CM and others Circumambulating the Peace Pagoda in clockwise direction
Thervada Monks offering the Prayers
The CM making his speech......Vishwa Shanti Stupa a symbol of Indo-Japanese friendship...
Exchange of Gifts....
The Chief Minster offering Memento to the Delegates from Japan
The Japanese Delegation ....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Government acts to safeguard Barabar Hills

The Beautiful  Barabar Hills
Prompt action by Department of Youth, Art and Culture, Government of Bihar has brought temporary relief to the Heritage of Barabar. The rampant mining activity at Barabar has stopped but still the question is for how long.
I spoke to few villagers at Dharawat, Kuri Sarai and Dakra and all of them confirmed about raid conducted by District Magistrate. They felt this was indeed a good step but this is not enough in long run.
The hills are surrounded by villages and the mafia active in illegal mining operates from these villages.
Villagers said, such raid brings temporary relief and the mining resumes after few days.

Some long-term measures could be,
1- Blocking the access to the hills
2- Awareness generation drive in and around Barabar hills
3-Notice boards with warnings
4- 24Hrs Helpline so that people can report any suspected activity

Letter issued by the Department

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sound & Light Show for the Buddhist Circuit

Ms Virat Husain, officials from Tourism Department and Myself at Ghoda Katora Dam
Department of Tourism, Government of  Bihar is planning to have Sound and Light Show at important sites along the "Footsteps of the Buddha" circuit in Bihar.
 Ms. Virat Husain and Rahul from "Stagedoor", a Gurgaon based organization.conducted  recce of Mahamaya Sarovar, Bodh Gaya, Ghodakatora Dam and Pandav Pokhar, Rajgir and Xuanzang Memorial Museum, Nalanda, on 3rd and 4th Oct-2011.