Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mahā Kassapa Ārāma (Park) Announced

Times of India reports- Mahā Kassapa Ārāma (Park) Announced

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The local community ready to welcome the guests
Getting the venue ready
Enthusiastic children preparing the venue
Dr Panth, Ven. Vithun Putni, and Yves by the Maha Kassapa Sculpture
School children singing the Welcome Song
Venerable Bhhiku Sangha reciting Mangal Path
Ven. Dhamma Jyoti, Dr. Panth, District Magistrate (DM)
and District official, Shri Vijay Singh with the Rediscovered Sculpture
Dr. Panth's speech at the event
The community of Silao
Ven. Pannyilinkara giving a blessing for the proposed park
Ven. Vithun Putani giving a blessing for the Mahā Kassapa Ārāma
District Magistrate, Shri Sanjay Agarwal, announcing the park
The basic layout of the proposed Mahā Kassapa Ārāma
Shri NagendraJi (Nepura), the DM, and Shri Vijay Singh at the park venue

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chinese Delegation at Nalanda

An 8-member Chinese delegation under Mr. Wang Jiawei, Minister for International Affairs, visited Xuanzang Memorial Museum, the Remains of Ancient Nalanda University and Griddhkuta on the 1st of March 2011.

The Heart Sutra - inscribed bell

Gonging the world peace bell!!

Inside the Xuanzang Memorial Museum

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Budhiya Kabaddi Tournament Conclusion

The Budhiya Kabaddi event was deemed a success as the local newspapers raved about the it. Although the newspaper clippings below are a little bit hard to see/read, they are included to convey the enthusiasm (for we cannot possibly display it) that the players, spectators, organizers and sponsors shared during the event.

The turnout was great for this new beginning, or as they say it, ‘zoordaar.’ Since it is tough to say everything in words and pictures often tend to speak a thousand words, we have continued in that medium…
                                    The Final Day

Ven. Vithun Putani, Dr Panth and distinguished Guests from Thailand

Shri. Lalan Jha, Asst Professor, NNM, Addressing the Audience

Ven. Vithun  Putani wishing best of luck to the players

Chief Guest Lokayukta  Justice R N Prasad Wishing Good Luck to the Players
The Final Match in Action
Supporters cheering their teams

Teams lined up for the final prize distribution ceremony

Team Sakraditya9 the winners with the Trophy
Man of the Match Sahshi receiving the Trophy
Man of the Match Shashi with the trophy

The Acknowledgment to the Sponsors of the Tournament from Chief Guest Lokayukta Justice. R N Singh
Ven. Panniyalinkara of Chinese buddhist temple
Shri. D N Singh (Hotel Sarvodaya) receiving acknowledgment from the Chief Guest
Man of the Match of finals - Chandan 

Summary of the Tournament
Man of the Match
Buddhagupta9- 110
Sakraditya9- 110
Shashi (Buddhagupta9)
Baladitya9- 110
Tathagatagupta9- 140
Munna (Tathagatagupta9)
Sakraditya9- 90
Tathagatagupta9- 110
Mohan (Sakraditya9)
Buddhagupta9- 260
Baladitya9- 20
Ashok (Buddhagupta9)
Sakraditya9- 210
Baladitya9- 50
Guddu (Sakraditya9)
Buddhagupta9- 180
Tathagatagupta9- 130
Shashi (Buddhagupta9)
3rd and 4th Position
Baladitya9- 80
Tathagatagupta9- 120
Ashutosh Kumar (Tathagatagupta9)
Buddhagupta9- 110     Sakraditya9- 130
Chandan Kumar(Sakraditya9)

Best Budhiya of the Tournament- Sumeet Kumar (Sakraditya9)
Man of the Series- Shashi Kumar (Buddhagupta9)
Winner of the Jarasandha Trophy Budhiya Kabaddi Tournament- 2011