Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ghodakatora Eco-Tourism Site to have a Huge Buddha statue

22nd January, 2012
Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, Dy. Chief Minister, Shri Sushil Kr Modi Ji, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Secretary Shri Navin Kumar ji and Secretaries from other departments visited the Ghoda Katora Eco-Tourism Site to discuss a huge Buddha statue to be installed here. The statue will be flanked by his four important disciples: Venerable Ananda, Maha Kassapa, Maha Moggallana, and Sariputta.

Many details like the statue height, posture of the Buddha, composition and materials (stone, metal, etc),  were discussed. The idea is to pay tribute to the Buddha and his disciples who are part of the cultural legacy of Bihar. The Buddha spent a considerable part of his life here at Rajgriha and around. Ven. Sariputta,  Ven. Maha Moggallana and Ven. Maha Kassapa belong to Magadha, and their contributions to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha are well documentedHon'ble Chief Minister  said it is high time that we pay tribute to these three luminaries of Bihar who are well known and venerated all over the Buddhist world.

The Hon'ble CM, his colleagues, and the Chief Secretary also released a souvenir booklet on the Heritage of Nalanda. It was a proud moment for all and I, too, felt proud at this moment with the knowledge that my contributions along with the others have helped in the making of this informative booklet.

Hon'ble CM Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Shri R C P Singh ji
and myself....Sharing stories of the Buddha and  this place
Hon,ble CM, his colleagues ,Chief Secretary and other secretaries taking a walk to the Dam Site 

Release  of the Souvenir booklet by dignataries

Thanks is given to the District Magistrate, Shri Sanjay Agarwal for developing the souvenir booklet about the heritage places of Nalanda District. This booklet will help generate awareness towards the rich Buddhist remains of this district.

CM's pilgrimage to Indrasaila Guha (Parwati)

22nd January 2012.
We are grateful to Hon'ble Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar Ji and Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Shri. R.C.P Singh ji for taking out time from their busy schedule to visit the historical place of Parwati.The isolated hill of Parwati is the place where the Buddha dialogued with the God Indra. The discourse is now preserved in the Sakkapanha Sutta.

This place was a very important pilgrimage center for the followers of the teaching of the Buddha. Fahein (5th century CE) and Xuanzang (7th century CE), both paid their pilgrimage here and have mentioned this place in great detail. Hon'ble CM has directed officials to develop this place so that pilgrims and followers of the teachings of the Buddha can once gain make their pilgrimage to the place.

Read More- Indrasaila Guha (Parwati)

Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, Hon'ble Member of Parliament Shri R.C .P Singh Ji and others
Talking about Xuanzang's description of the Hamsa Stupa and Indrasaila Cave
"The Hamsa (swan) fell from the Sky....
and the Stupa was built to commemorate the event"
Returning from the Indrasaila Cave, where the Buddha had discourse with Lord Indra

A large gathering of the local community to welcome the Hon'ble CM
Thanking Hon'ble Chief Minister for his visit to Parwati

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ananda Parinirvana Park- Fatehpur Diar

This was my fourth visit to the village of Fatehpur in Raghopur Diar in the last three years. Raghopur Diar is one of the largest, if not the largest river island on the River Ganges. Some two years back, while mapping the footsteps of the Chinese monk scholars Xuanzang (7th century CE) and Fahein (5th century CE) on a GIS map, we discovered that Venerable Ananda, cousin-brother and attendant of the Buddha, may have attained Parinirvana here on this very same island. After our visit and some investigative research, our belief was confirmed.   Read More---Site of Ananda's Parinirvana.

The Buddhism renaissance in Bihar has entered a new phase and this “Journey through Bihar to Vihara” is being lead by Hon’ CM Shri Nitish Kumar Ji.   Recently, we had an opportunity to share this with the Hon’ Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar Ji. Hon' CM liked the idea of creating a park in dedication to this great event of the Parinirvana of Venerable Ananda. We are grateful to Shri Deepak Prasad Ji, Principal Secretary, Tourism, Government of Bihar and Shri S.M Raju Ji Commissioner, Vaishali for initiating the process of acquiring 200-300 acres of land for the park.

A site visit to finalize the identified park site was arranged today by district officials. Shri. Devendar Rajak, ADM, Vaishali, Shri Saket Kumar, SDM, Hajipur, Shri Rajesh Kumar, DCLR, Hajipur and Shri Gautam Kumar a village youth  participated in this site inspection.
A momentous occasion, I tried to capture the details for posterity’s sake as a new moment of history is beginning. This place, so silent today, will become an active hub for Buddhist pilgrims over the next couple of years. This park site, soon to be reported in the headlines, will be welcome news to Buddhist worldwide, as these followers of the teaching of the Buddha add this site to their pilgrimage route.

Today with my camera, I captured these silent moments knowing that history is in the making.  This area will not be the same, as the world becomes acquainted once again with the site of Ven. Ananda’s Parinirvana. Through my lens, I record this episode in time: 
River Ganges.... very calm after the Floods
A temporary 150mts bridge connecting the island to the main land
Boats are still used for crossing the Ganges.....the Buddha crossed the Ganges by boat... somewhere here...
.....The place will soon have a new bridge ...and then no boats to cross the idea how i should react....

Crossing the river  by boats generated a sense of inspiration and awe......
.......2500 years ago....the Buddha and  the Sangha crossed Ganges by such boats..
This lush green field is the site identified for paying tribute to Ven. Ananda....
......Ananda Parinirvana Park....Soon the followers of the teachings of the Buddha will have ....
.... a place to pay tribute to Ven Ananda, who dedicated his life for the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha
Each good work has an effective team  ....the team lead by ADM, Shri Razak, SDM Shri Saket, DCLR Shri Rajesh, and Gautam
It was a nice opportunity meeting Shri Saket Kumar a young dynamic  IAS officer....
On the North of the Ganges is Chechar.......
The bridge will further go to the north connecting the Island  to ancient site of Chechar

A glimpse of the Block Office of Raghopur Diar....

Time for Lunch.........
Wonderful lunch!!!...courtesy District Administration

After a silence of 1000 years...the place will  have pilgrims again

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chief Minister at Veluvana

The Honorable Chief Minister, Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, was in Rajgir (ancient Rajgriha) recently (25th-27th DEC, 2011). So much in awe with the beauty of Veluvana and Griddhkuta with their association with the sublime wandering of the Buddha, Shri Nitish Kumar Ji makes a point of visiting these sites every time he is in the area.  In his words, these historically significant sites of Rajgir are "very inspiring."

Hon'able CM, Shri Nitish Kumar Ji and Hon'able Member of Parliament  Shri Ramchandar Prasad Singh Ji paying homage
Honorable CM feeding the fish in the pond.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar Ji at Ghoda Katora Eco-Park

The Honorable Chief Minster of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar ji, was again at the Ghoda Katora, eco-tourism site, to inspect the ongoing development of this site which is promoting an Eco-tourism Zone.
Hon' CM directing the officials
Hon' Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar Ji enjoying the Tonga Ride
The Picturesque Ghoda Kotara Site

the pristine lake

path to the lake
wilderness sunset 

untouched beauty

Picture courtesy- Shri Manoj Kumar Sinha (Munna Ji), Dainik Jagran