Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Brahmayoni Stupa is Calling!

The Brahmayoni Stupa is Calling!  Pic: Vikash Kumar.

According to all the ancient Buddhist literature the Buddha delivered the Adittapariyaya Sutta (the Fire Sermon) to the Jatila brothers, Uruvela, Nadi and Gaya Kassapa here at the Gayasisha Hill. Gayasisha Hill is also known as the Brahmayoni Hill and is situated in Gaya, 12 kms north of Bodhgaya. According to 7th CE Buddhist monk-scholar Xuanzang, Emperor Ashoka (3rd BCE) built a Stupa on Gayasisha Hill to commemorate the visit of the Buddha on the Hill.

Unfortunately, at the turn of the 2nd millennia the new political climate led to decline of the teachings of the Buddha. All the sacred Buddhist shrines including the Gayasisha Hill got abandoned and then were vandalized in the long course of time.

In 2018, Ven. Tsering-tenzin Ananda, Asian Buddhist Cultural Centre (ABCC, Bodhgaya) initiated the project to erect a Stupa and hence revitalize the Gayasisha Hill.  Late Subhash Pandey, who was the local caretaker of the site welcomed the idea and extended all possible support. Unfortunately, we lost Subhash Ji in 2021 because of COVID19 infection. 

The newly developed Gayasisha Stupa was consecrated by H.H. The 12th Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche on February the 5th, 2023. Hundreds of venerable monks and nuns from all the traditions participated in the consecration event. 

Our  sincere gratitude to patrons for their support. Ven. Nui-Chu & devotees (Taiwan), Ven. Bodhichitta & devotees (Vietnam), Ven. Saddha Yongjun & devotees (Malaysia), Mr. Tan See, Ping Long Li Li,  Jasmine Lee family & friends (Malaysia), Kitty Luk  & friends (Hong Kong).

Project could not have been possible without the contributions of the foot soldiers who braved difficult situations, working day and night for four years (2018-2022) to make the project possible. Our gratitude, appreciation and love to Shri Niranjan Kumar, Mahabali Manjhi and many other foot soldiers for their contributions.  

Last but not the least, our sincere appreciation to the family of Late Shri Subhash Pandey for their cooperation in the execution of the stupa project.

My first visit to Brahmayoni Hill in 2013.  With Matthieu and Gautam Pandey.

Foundation work in 2019. Late Subhash ji, Ven. Bodhichitta, Ven Ananda, Ven Kassapa, Mahabali and myself. 

Biggest challenge was  to pump gallons of water to the top of the Hill.

THEN (in 2013)
Aerial image of Stupa site, Brahmayoni. Pic Yves Guichard

                                        NOW (in 2023)
The newly developed stupa adorns the Brahmayoni Hill. Pic: Vikash Kumar.

Some images from the Consecration Ceremony of the Brahmayoni Stupa. 5th February, 2023. All Pictures: Vikash Kumar and his team.

Ven Monks and Nuns from ABCC worked for three days to decorate the site for the ocassion.

Locals very happily participated in preparation works for the consecration event.

Venerable monks playing traditional flute, leading the welcome procession of HH 12th Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche.

HH 12th Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche being escorted to the stupa site by his assistant teachers.

Ven Tenzin Ananda giving the welcome speech. 

HH 12th Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche initiating the consecration of new Stupa.
More than 200 Ven Monks, Nuns and lay followers participated in the consecration event.

Bhikkhuni Sangha being lead by Ven Bodhichitta and Ven Ming Yu Shi. 

Ven Theravada monks recited the Adittapariyaya Sutta. 

HH 12th Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche unveiling the dedicatory plaque.

Participants eating Prasada (blessed  food) Saffron Rice.

Myself giving the Vote of Thanks speech.

Shri Niranjan receiving appreciation and blessings from H.H. 

Deepanshu, son of Late Subhash Pandey receiving appreciation and blessings from His Holiness. 

Ven Ananda with His Holiness.

Ven Ming Yu Shi receiving appreciation and blessings from His Holiness. 

Sister Jasmine Lee and Kitty Luk receiving appreciation and blessings from His Holiness.

Mahabali ji receiving appreciation and blessings from His Holiness.

With Venerable Saddha Yongjun. 

Buddhist pilgrims visiting Bodhgaya, please add the Gayasisha Hill (Brahmayoni, Gaya) into your itinerary and help us facilitate it becoming a Living Heritage site as it was in the past.

                                YOU ARE WELCOME!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Prayers offered at Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site

Venerable Sangha chanting sacred suttas and offering prayers at Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site.

Venerable Bhikkhu Sangha led by Ven. Pragyadeep Bhante, President, All India Bhikkhu Sangha, Ven. Tenzin Ananda, President, Asian Buddhist Cultural Centre), Ven. Kashyapa Bhante, President, Mahabodhi Society of India, Bangalore performed special prayers at Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site on 11th September 2021. 

The Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site is situated 300mts east of village Bakrour and 200mts North of Sujātā Temple. According to  Chinese buddhist monk pilgrim Faxian (Fahien, 5th CE), Bodhisattva Siddhārtha consumed the milk-rice offered  by Sujātā at this rock site. The Rock site is presently in a very neglected state. All senior monks today vowed to revitalise the neglected site. Soon, a life size image of the Buddha will be offered at this site.


Read more about the Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site:

Ratanāgiri Rock: The place where Siddhārtha ate food offered by Sujātā

Here are some pictures from the Event. @ Vikash Kumar

Venerable Sangha on their way to the Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site

Venerable Pragyadeep Bhante leading the way!

Venerable Sangha on their way through lush green paddy fields.

Putting up the Dhamma Flags by Venerable Sangha.

Venerable Tenzin Ananda.

Dhamma flags adorning the Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site.

Venerable Tenzin Anand.

Venerable Kashyapa Bhante.

Venerable Sangha reciting sacred Sutta.

Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site from the north side.

Venerable Sangha on the north side of Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site
Venerable Sangha on their way back.

Ratnāgiri Rock Garden site is presently surrounded by dense monsoon vegetation.
Venerable Sangha making way to Ratnāgiri Rock through dense bushes.

Thanks to all of You!

Please visit the site when you are in Bodhgaya. 
Help us make this very sacred site a Living Heritage!