Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Government acts to safeguard Barabar Hills

The Beautiful  Barabar Hills
Prompt action by Department of Youth, Art and Culture, Government of Bihar has brought temporary relief to the Heritage of Barabar. The rampant mining activity at Barabar has stopped but still the question is for how long.
I spoke to few villagers at Dharawat, Kuri Sarai and Dakra and all of them confirmed about raid conducted by District Magistrate. They felt this was indeed a good step but this is not enough in long run.
The hills are surrounded by villages and the mafia active in illegal mining operates from these villages.
Villagers said, such raid brings temporary relief and the mining resumes after few days.

Some long-term measures could be,
1- Blocking the access to the hills
2- Awareness generation drive in and around Barabar hills
3-Notice boards with warnings
4- 24Hrs Helpline so that people can report any suspected activity

Letter issued by the Department

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babanpandey said...

Barabar hills are of pilgrimage history....it should be reserved and make motor able for tourist. when the govt is trying to develop forest related tourism...BARABAR hills is very attractive....it is in jeHANABAD DISTRICT//