Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maha Kassapa Park at Silao

The historic meeting between  the Buddha and the Maha Kassapa took place at the present village of  Silao, as suggested by the literature and discoveries.

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As a part of the revival of the Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage of Bihar, the next logical step is dedicating at Silao, a park to mark this historical event. The rediscovery of the Maha Kassapa image was highlighted in the media and, as a result, the community of Silao and the surrounding area is now aware of the recent developments on the issue. The idea to create a park was discussed with the appropriate government authority and it was felt that a preliminary survey of the site be done first to find the availability of land.
Officials and community members surveying the site
Anand, the official from the administration, arranged the maps for the few community leaders and decision makers who collected at the site today. The criteria for the site selection was simple, the place should be close to Silao, sufficient land should be available to meet the present and future requirements, the surroundings should be good, and the site should have a good access.
The team of the first visit

Overall it was a good meeting at this site and the final report shall be ready in  day or two. The report will consist of list of plots in the area of interest that are owned by the government and private land owned by the farmers.The present site is surrounded by water bodies on three sides and is located near the National Highway connecting Rajgir, Nalanda and Bihar Sharif.
Cad-astral map of the place with area of interest marked

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