Saturday, November 14, 2009

Objective of the NNSG Project

Since the mid 80’s, interest in community tourism has grown rapidly among the policy makers, practitioners and advocates. This focuses on the need to ensure that tourism does not erode the environmental and cultural base on which it thrives. Community based tourism provides an opportunity for decentralizing the provisions of services from tourism, as well as generating income and avenues for rural development through local employment.
While tourism represents an important development opportunity for communities, it can also have negative impacts like harming social-cultural authenticity of host communities and threatening the fragile heritage. Wise planning and management of tourism development is the key to keeping it a force for good. In the present context the NNSG plans to conduct a detailed Participatory Rural Appraisal. PRA shall be the basis of the future participation and hence the conceptualization of sustainable livelihood from tourism.


I. Institution (government)–Community Collaboration- To conceptualize a collaboration between the community based institutions and the Nava Nalanda Sanskritik Gram
II. Showcasing Art, craft, and culture of Nalanda- Identification, Development and Promotion of tangible and intangible heritage of Nalanda.
III. Community Benefiting from tourism- Conceptualizing community based institutions around sustainable tourism products
IV. Enriching the experience of visitors- Opportunities for exchange of knowledge and culture between tourists and the community

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