Sunday, November 15, 2009

Participatory Approach

Participation of the key stakeholders in all stages of the project is essential for achieving long-term objectives of the project. The primary aim of the participative strategies is to make local people become active subjects of development efforts rather than be passive recipients. More specifically, the concept is related to the active involvement of the local people in the choice, execution, and the evaluation of the projects and programmes designed to raise their living standards.
The use of Participatory approaches ensures that interventions are better targeted; they are more appropriate to people’s need, and can be more effective, efficient and have better impacts. This allows the community to identify opportunities as well as problems, making use of local knowledge and skills to mobilize local resources and support. Involving the community in all stages of the project activities makes the community more committed, responsible and eventually generates sense of ownership for the concept.

Overall Participatory Approach of the project

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