Friday, November 20, 2009

Community Action Plan

Baseline Data thus collected shall be tabulated in a programmed excel sheet. The purpose of this baseline data is to review the progress and time to time evaluation of the activities under the project.

Problem & Situation analysis will help in identifying real as opposed to apparent development needs. In addition, it helps to bond programme participants together by identifying a variety of issues that may need to be dealt with, such as roles of different partners in resolving those issues, or the timescale and resources needed to achieve a given solution.

SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats) Analysis helps converting the gathered information into a format that is easily by persons at all levels. This allows the community to see the picture at glance. For each opportunity available the SWOT analysis shall be done by the community. The results shall form the ladder for Problem tree analysis.

Entrepreneur window/ options for the Community based tourism

Stakeholder analysis at this stage of action plan would be help identify the stakeholders, their interest in the activity and also, to assess the influence and importance of each of these stakeholders in each of these activities.

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