Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making of the 'Master Plan'

The process of getting the community together on one platform so that they get an opportunity to voice their concerns, iron out their differences and come up with a plan that is acceptable to all and is for the betterment of the society is very tedious. It is more than just an informal talk and in fact it needs a lot of tact when it comes to providing opportunities to the weaker section of society.

These series of posts would be an effort to share with you the steps and some of the hoops that we had to tread across while developing the ‘Master Plan’ of Nalanda.

1- Nava Nalanda Sanskritik Gram tourism project

• Background
• Engaged Buddhism
• Aims and Objectives
• Broad objectives of the project
• Participatory approach
• Available infrastructure
• Other research project by NavaNalanda Mahavihar- Mapping of Nalanda

2- PRA (Participatory Rural Approach) -Breaking the ICE

• Visitor’s Survey
• Data analysis
• Community action planning-Flowchart
• Baseline database
• Problem and situation analysis
• Visioning
• Logical framework analysis
• Risk analysis
• Project implementation
• Reporting and participatory evaluation

3- Time line for the activities for 2009-10

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