Saturday, November 28, 2009

PRA Design and introducing the Team

PRA Design for NNMSG
Appropriate PRA tools for NNMSG community participation project are identified from the "basket of techniques" offered by PRA. The central part of our PRA design is semi-structured interview. We plan to have interviews with individuals representing various sections of the society that would give them an opportunity to voice their concerns and needs and help us identify the sensitive issues. Other topics of more general concern are amenable to dialogue during focus group discussions and community meetings.

These interviews and discussions and several diagrammatic techniques shall be employed to actively involve the people and stimulate a constructive debate. The communication among various groups of people would increase awareness and they can better coordinate their decisions to be mutually beneficial. This dialogue and initial cooperation would be a great way to integrate the society based on common initiatives. The complete exercise spread in span of six months shall focus more on facilitating participation of the communities and to enable the local people to raise their concerns; not only as sources of information, but as partners with the PRA team in gathering and analyzing the information. The PRA exercise is designed to gather enough information to make necessary recommendations and informed decisions based on community tourism and yet it is very efficient with usage of time and money.

The Team
The PRA team constituted for the process consists of three facilitators including one female; two of the facilitators are from Bargaon village. Deepak Anand, the team leader has a done the PRA exercise at Nepura, the site of Endogenous Tourism Project (GOI-UNDP Project). Sailesh Pandey the second facilitator is a local inhabitant and has rich experience in community work as a volunteer. The third facilitator Pratima Kumari is student of NNM, from a local village and she is interested in working with the women group in future.

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