Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jethian - Rajgir Buddha Path Ready for the Pilgrimage

The Rajgir - Jethian Path (approximately 18 km) was a pilgrimage route connecting the important pilgrimage places of Bodh Gaya - Pragbodhi - Jethian - Tapovana - Rajgir - Indrasaila Guha (Parwati). Xuanzang, the famous 7th Century Chinese monk pilgrim, took this route connecting to the important pilgrimage places associated with the Buddha. This pilgrimage path is once again ready for the followers of the Buddha to tread in his footsteps. 

Bird's eye view of the path through the valley

Aerial view of the Bodh Gaya -Parwati path

The Path - starting from the base of an ancient stupa to mark the meeting
between the Buddha and Raja Bimbisara

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The Temple on hill was made over the remains of the historic Stupa

The newly restored Pilgrimage Path

Pilgrims paying homage to the stupa before commencing
the pilgrimage through the valley (Pic. Courtesy- Jay Jay-JTS)

Pilgrims taking the pilgrimage through the valley (Pic. Courtesy- Jay Jay-JTS)

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