Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bihar Divas-2011--Kite Photography and Exhibition

The Bihar Government celebrated its 99th Foundation Year in 2011. All of its district headquarters held two days of celebrations. Bihar Sharif, the headquarter of the Nalanda District, celebrated the foundation day at historic Badi Pahari. Badi Pahari has some very fine ancient remains from the Buddhist period and Muslim architecture. We share with you some fine moment that we captured at the event.
An important part of the event was an exhibition on the Buddhist Heritage of Nalanda (district). The exhibition, designed by me, comprised of pictures of Buddhist sites and aerial photographs taken by Yves Guichand.

Children identifying their villages on the map
Yves and me standing by the Exhibition
We were fortunate that Yves, the french kite photographer, was with us on this day.  So, we decided to document this celebratory event with aerial photographs.

District Magistrate, Shri Sanjay Agarwal observing the process
Yves flying the kite

Taekwondo,  Korean martial art,  performed by children
Visitors watching Yves flying the Kite

The venue from high above

The crowd around the stalls

Rajni Kant and Monica enjoying Bihari food

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