Sunday, April 3, 2011

The sad situation of the Heritage Sites of Bihar

India has a way of welcoming its guests. In tourism, “Incredible! India” is promoted and “Atithi devo bahvo.” But the governmental agencies responsible for tourism and archaeology are failing. We share with you recent pictures telling the situation of a few Buddhist sites around this tourism season. These sites are being promoted by government agencies as part of the “Buddhist Circuit.”  When visitors see chained entrances, dilapidated sign boards, and stucco reliefs so damaged as to be unrecognizable, they are getting the wrong message from India, one of apathy, dispassion, and disregard.
The situation of preserving the Buddhist heritage in Bihar is in very bleak. We are all custodians of this vast heritage. As such, it is our duty to work towards preserving it for future generations the world over.
Presently, our attitude toward preserving Buddhist heritage sites and artifacts is unconcerned. Followers of the Buddha from all over the world have the right to share in this heritage. As they make their pilgrimage to India, they should be struck with awe and wonder at the enormity of this shared heritage, instead of feeling disappointment at the sorry state of the sites.
Indians, as the custodians of this Buddhist heritage, need a wake-up call. All should be doing their part to save and promote this heritage. We own a great legacy. Isn’t it time we realize this?

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The Keshariya Stupa you enter the Main (only) Entrance
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Nandangarh Stupa (Betiah)... No place for parking and the main entrance closed
Local cricket, Tourism and Heritage all in one Premises!!!
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The Ashokan Pillar of Lauriya Nandangarh

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Rampurwa Ashokan Pillar site

Rampurwa Ashokan pillar site

Main Entrance of Lauriya Areraj

Sports and Heritage tourism go hand in hand

Lauriya Areraj...Ashokan pillar Site

Lauriya Nandangarh....Vedic Burial Stupas site
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