Saturday, December 5, 2009

Resource mapping

  1. What community thinks are the tourism resources
  2. What are the positive impacts of tourism
  3. What are the negative impacts of tourism on their lives and surroundings

The resource mapping exercise was done with Women and Youth of Bargaon, Surajpur, Nirmal Bigha and Sarilchak.

Method- Discussions and group work

Materials- Drawing Sheets, Pens, markers, adhesive tape etc,

Time- 1 to 2 Hrs


1. Introduction & Orientation- The meeting commenced with introductions. The participants and the facilitating team introduced themselves. The team oriented on how to conduct the exercise, its purpose and importance.
2. Exercise- The participants were asked to organize into small groups of 4-5 members each. The teams were given a drawing sheet each and asked to develop a tourism resource map based on the discussion among the members.
  • 1st Map- Participants were asked to make map of area showing all the places that they consider are the places of tourism interest
  • 2nd Map- After the 1st map, the participants were asked to make a Map of places of tourism interest with benefits/ positive impacts associated with each of them
  • 3rd Map- The participants were asked to make a map showing tourist places and the negative impacts of the places on their lives and surroundings

 3. After the map making exercise was complete the teams were asked to choose a leader from their group. The Group leader were asked to make a presentation on the group activities

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