Monday, December 14, 2009

Activities with Youth

In the previous many posts we focused of women in the community as we feel that they need to be empowered not just financially but by giving them avenues so that they can find a path for themselves. Youth of the area is another group that needs a lot of structure and attention. They are a potential source of energy and we need to tap into their enthusiasm to channel proper growth. In the discussions that follow we’ll be mainly addressing the interactions and outcomes that we gained from them.

We informally met the youth groups of Bargaon, Surajpur, Muzzafarpur and Nirmal Bigha. Youth at all the villages were very positive about any such discussion and the ways the community can benefit from tourism. The dates and the place for the PRA were fixed.

We had separate meetings with Girls and the Boys. The PRA exercise consisted of the Resource map making followed by a group discussion.
The focus of the resource mapping was to learn the awareness level of the youth about the resources as they perceive it; and the discussion was more about sharing their personal experience with regards to tourism sector.

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