Monday, December 7, 2009

Providing women with a platform to voice their thoughts

There was a mixed response among the women of different communities about the PRA; many families didn’t allow women from their families to participate in PRA. They said they have participated in many such discussion in past but eventually nothing happens. Another issue was identifying a suitable place for meeting, not everyone was willing to go to the house of other women. Some women preferred some common place like temple or school, etc for the meeting. Best part of all the villages was women from all the communities participated in the meeting. All the participants were eager to know what is going to happen in the meeting. We shared with them the objectives of the workshop and NNSG project.

Each meeting started with a brief introduction by all the participants including the facilitators, this was followed by sharing the objective of the meeting with participants. The community very inquisitive and anxious, we promoted discussion, answered their queries at the same time we made sure that we don’t raise their expectations. We then asked the participants to get arranged in small functional groups of 4 to 5 women in each group. Literacy level among the women’s in each group was very low. Each group could however manage to get at least one member who could prepare the map. Drawing sheets and Sketch pen were given to each group. The idea was to promote group activity, promote discussion among the members and reaching to some conclusion. The group activity was very participative except for a few participants everyone was contributing in the discussion and map making.

Summary of Resource Map

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