Saturday, October 20, 2012

Buddhānussati Cārikā at Buddhavana

Buddhānussati Cārikā being led by Ven. Bhikkhu Sangha
In continuation with our awareness generation efforts at Buddhavana (village Ayer-Pathri) we organized a Buddhānussati Cārikā on 14th Oct, 2012. The objective of the event was to revive the sanctity of the place and generate awareness among the stakeholder. Venerable Bhikkhu Saṇgha made prayers and offerings at the “Buddha-Cave”. Dr Ravindra Panth, Director, RABPB Project and Ven. Phra Vithoon Putamee planted Bo-tree, at the sacred place.
Last month, Dr. Umesh Dwivedi, Director, Museum, and Dr. Atul Verma, Director, Archaeology, Department of Art, Culture and Youth, Government of Bihar too visited Ayer and Jethian village. Both of them have appreciated the antiquities of both the places and have pressed the need to generate awareness towards the place.

Sanctification of the sacred cave - Chanting and Puja (offerings) by Bhikkhu Saṇgha
Dr. R Panth, Ven. Vithoon Putamee and Ven. Dhammajyoti planting the Bo-Tree

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Dr R. Panth, Director, Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda and Ven Vithoon Putamee in Centre

Ven. Putamee blessing the place
Dr. R Panth motivating the Community
The Buddha Cave decorated with the Dhamma flags
The Next generation......of the Buddhavana
Sunset at Buddhavana

News paper clippings of the Event

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