Sunday, July 24, 2011

Revival Of the Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage in Bihar (RABPB)- PRA at Jethian

The "Revival of the Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage in Bihar" (RABPB) Project formally took off with the first Project Resource Committee (PRC) meeting.
For smooth functioning of the Project we have a  PRC, constituting of  experts and resource person who shall guide the project. Presently there are 8 members in the PRC.

First PRC meeting on 18th June, 2011
 The PRC members met to discuss the action plan of the project and the work to be taken in first quarter of the project.
Shri Rajiv Jha, Dr. Dipankar Lama (Project Coordinator), Dr. Panth ( Project Director), Shri Nanzey Dorjee and Shri R. S Tiiwari ( Sitting from Left)

My self making the Power point presentation to the committee members

Participatory Rural Appraisal ( PRA) at Jethian and Parwati
28th June,2011

An important objective of the RABPB project is preparing a development plan of the Heritage places. We visited Jethian and Parwati, both the places are important places associated with the sublime wandering of the Buddha. We held meetings with the community of village and shared the idea. The community at both the places was very enthusiastic and they took us to all the places of antiquities.
The site development plan for these sites will be prepared by the experts incorporating community's input.

Chaupaal ( community sitting place) at the heart of Village
Discussing the plan  on the Natural Canvas

Jethian High school- Village youth posing with ancient sculpture placed here

One of the many ancient sculptures scattered in the Village
The place, the community feels should be at the centre of any development plan

Shri Morarji Desai,Finance Minister of India (1965), visited Jethian. The village people have still preserved the newspaper clipping
Discussing the development plan of Suppatithya Chaitya with community elders
The Suppatithya  Chaitya
An old tourist information centre in dilapidated condition at Jethian
Water reservoir  after the first Monsoons
The children enjoying the Monsoon ...
Discussion with the community regarding the development of the water reservoirs
A Chai Shop
Ancient Jethain- Rajgir Valley Road - once walked by the Buddha and his disciples
The Buddha Path- The ancient Pilgrimage route to be revived under this project

While returning from Parwati the road got obstructed with a felled tree.It was raining and almost dusk, with help of the youth of the Parwati village we could make a ramp of bricks.
The Helping Hands......making of the Ramp..
Putting the bricks .....
The Ramp is finally  ready!!!

Successfully crossing the obstruction
The Beautiful Hansa Stupa on the Parwati Hill the Sunset
 The Project team visited BTMC office at Bodh Gaya on 2nd July, 2011, to elicit their support for the Project.
Dr. Panth (Project Director) discussing the project with BTMC members

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