Monday, December 20, 2010

Recap of today's event- Maha Moggallana walk

Today's event was quite a success and for those of you who could be there physically for the walk, some pictures to help recreate the memories in your mind. And for those who were there, well try to spot yourself in the pictures... 

Ven. Bhikhu Sangha assembling for the walk

The Walk Starts at 12.00 Noon

Ven. Monks, Students, Faculty and the community participates in the walk

1.5 Km Walk to Maha Moggallana Stupa, Juafardih

Community of Juafardih assembled to welcome the Ven. Bhikkhu Sangha
Community at Maha Moggallana Stupa site, Juafardih

Read More about identification of Kulika,Village of Maha Moggallana

The Bhikkhu Sangha arrives at the Stupa Site

The start of the Circumambulation of the Stupa

Circumambulation in Clockwise direction keeping stupa on Right

Circumambulation of the Maha Moggallana Stupa by Students of  Nalanda Heritage School
Students of Nalanda Heritage School

Awareness Generation among the Villagers about the Legacy of Maha Moggallana

Chanting by the Bhikkhu Sangha

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