Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Concerns and Expectations of women

Women in villages around Nalanda remains are aware about the tourist destinations in the vicinity. This awareness has very little to do with the literacy. When asked, why they consider these places as tourist places they said that all identified places are part of their mobility zone. Many a place is either a worshiping place or are close to one which they frequent very often. Many places are visible from their rooftops and agriculture fields, which makes it possible for them to see big rush of vehicles to the places. Few of the groups mentioned about the recently opened Multi media centre as tourist destination. It was very unusual identification and when asked the basis of this, they said the place was previously used by them as rest house for the marriages. After the multi media centre was opened they could no longer use the facility, they were told that this place is now meant for tourists. Broadly, the places where women have seen lots of visitor and vehicles are tourist destinations to them.

Positive and Negative Impact
It was very significant to know that the people of the area take great pride in their heritage. Most of the women mentioned about the beauty and importance of the place. They proudly take their relatives and visitors to all the tourist attraction when they visit them. Most of them said it is their luck that they live close to such an important place which receives visitors from around the world. They feel very proud for the attention they receive at their maternal places, when people enquire about the place. Because of the heritage the place is well connected by rail and road. Electricity and other amenities are better than other villages they know.

Among the negative impacts, eve teasing was the most prominent, maximum groups complained about the incidents of eve teasing and chain snatching at Nalanda Remains and sun temple, Bargaon. They said the Liquor shop at the Kapatia turning is an important factor contributing to such nuisance. Another major grouse was the open defecation by the thousands of visitors during the Chath Pooja around sun temple. Beggary and traffic congestion at Jain temple and Nalanda remains was also mentioned by few participants.

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