Sunday, February 10, 2013

1st Saṃghassa Patiṭṭhāpako Mahā Kassapo Sati Cārikā

A Mindful-Walk was organized today on Basant Panchammi at Silao to pay Dhamma tribute to Venerable Mahakassapa for his contributions to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. Venerable Mahakassapa was third prominent disciple of the Buddha who became the head of the Sangha after the Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha and played a very important role in preserving the teachings of the Buddha by convening the first Buddhist Council at Rajagriha. Venerable Monks, Officials from district administration and Community from Silao in large number came together in making this event a success.
In Buddhist literature we find mention of a very important event of “Exchange of Robes between the Buddha and Venerable Mahakassapa somewhere between Rajagirha and Nalanda.

A beautiful sketch depicting Venerable Mahakassapa recieving robes from the Buddha by Andree Francois 
In 1934 a broken sculpture from Pala Period (8-12th CE) of Venerable Mahakassapa was discovered at Silao. The sculpture had a long inscription in Brahmi script mentioning about the historic event of “Exchange of Robes” between the Buddha and Maha Kassapa. The sculpture was relocated in 2010. The Mindful-Walk was organized at the Sacred-Historical place to revive the sanctity of the place and bring it back on the Buddhist pilgrimage radar.

Mahakassapa place ready to recieve Pilgrims

Venerable Bhikkhu Sangha and the Community walking through the bylanes of Silao..Facilitating Awareness Generation

Venerable Bhikkhu Sangha and the community offering prayer at the sacred site of "Exchange of Robes"

Broken sculpture of Mahakassapa with inscription mentioning about the Historic event of "Exchange of Robes"


    Important dignitaries present on the ocassion gave talks on Legacy of Mahakassapa and importance of the Place

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