Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Silao, the place of "Exchange of Robes" between the Buddha and Mahakassapa ready to recieve pilgrims

An inscription at the base of a partial sculpture rediscovered in Silao in Januray, 2011 provides an image of the exchange of robes between Mahakassapa and the Buddha as based on the reference to this very same sculpture in the Epigraphica Indica (Vol XXV).

The village collective were the broken sculpture was rediscovered

Mahakassapa Image rediscovered
 On 18th March, 2011 a small function was organised to celebrate the find and generate awareness towards the importance of the place. In the same function the concept of Mahakassapa Arama was discussed. Venerable Withoon Putami, from Thailand promised to develop the place and facilitate revitalisation of this sacred place.

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Function held on 18th March, 2011
The place getting a facelift with new construction at the place

Venerable monks led by Venerable Vithoon Putaami did worshiping at the place on 30th November, 2012 to revive the sanctity of the place. The place is now ready to recieve the pilgrims. The devouts of the teachings of the Buddha and Mahakassapa may again visit the place and offer their prayers. The local community participated at this event and is very pleased that this site is associated with an eminent disciple of the Buddha. 

Worshiping in process..
Team of Venerable Monks, Local community members and some lay disciples from Thailand

 A Mindful-Walk is being organized for 14 February,2013 to pay tribute to Venerable Mahakassapa and his contributions to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

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