Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ghodakatora Eco-Tourism Site to have a Huge Buddha statue

22nd January, 2012
Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, Dy. Chief Minister, Shri Sushil Kr Modi Ji, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Secretary Shri Navin Kumar ji and Secretaries from other departments visited the Ghoda Katora Eco-Tourism Site to discuss a huge Buddha statue to be installed here. The statue will be flanked by his four important disciples: Venerable Ananda, Maha Kassapa, Maha Moggallana, and Sariputta.

Many details like the statue height, posture of the Buddha, composition and materials (stone, metal, etc),  were discussed. The idea is to pay tribute to the Buddha and his disciples who are part of the cultural legacy of Bihar. The Buddha spent a considerable part of his life here at Rajgriha and around. Ven. Sariputta,  Ven. Maha Moggallana and Ven. Maha Kassapa belong to Magadha, and their contributions to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha are well documentedHon'ble Chief Minister  said it is high time that we pay tribute to these three luminaries of Bihar who are well known and venerated all over the Buddhist world.

The Hon'ble CM, his colleagues, and the Chief Secretary also released a souvenir booklet on the Heritage of Nalanda. It was a proud moment for all and I, too, felt proud at this moment with the knowledge that my contributions along with the others have helped in the making of this informative booklet.

Hon'ble CM Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Shri R C P Singh ji
and myself....Sharing stories of the Buddha and  this place
Hon,ble CM, his colleagues ,Chief Secretary and other secretaries taking a walk to the Dam Site 

Release  of the Souvenir booklet by dignataries

Thanks is given to the District Magistrate, Shri Sanjay Agarwal for developing the souvenir booklet about the heritage places of Nalanda District. This booklet will help generate awareness towards the rich Buddhist remains of this district.

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