Saturday, February 12, 2011

Man behind the Creativity - Alok Jain

This post is meant to say a secret 'thank you' and to introduce to you the man behind the pictures and graphics that you very often encounter in our work. The person behind the lens is Alok Jain. One of his most recent creations is the promotional material for Nalanda's Budhiya Kabaddi Tournament. 

The following are just a few samples of recent his work. Other examples you have seen before in other postings, such as the "Sariputta Peace Walk" and the "Maha Moggallana Walk" banners and stickers.

And just like a lot of initiatives that we have taken, which yet haven't sprouted from the ground, there are works of this brilliant photographer and designer that are waiting to see the daylight. As we forge ahead together, take notice of his creative work and recognize the man behind the lens, working extra hard to make the most basic issues visually appealing to the senses and inspire others in the process...

Alok Jain in Action

Invitation card for Buddhiya Kabbadi

Details about the tournament

The certificates for the winners

Promotional Banner

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