Sunday, November 29, 2009

Objectives of the NNMSG PRA program

The objectives of the project largely determined the type of tools appropriate to collect the required information. Specific objectives for the PRA exercise were identified and are as listed below; and for each objective suitable PRA tools were selected.

Specific objectives

1. What community thinks are the tourism resources and there positive and negative impacts on their lives.
2. What is community’s idea for the livelihood opportunities from tourism
• Perception about the home-stay and meal at home for the visitors (domestic and foreigner)
• Possibilities for cultural experiences- what people think can make a good cultural experience- Traditional sports, performing arts, Local cuisine etc
3. Skill basket for Souvenirs- What are the skills and crafts available within the community and how can they contribute to increased livelihood options
4. Document of some of the important trends, recent changes and events related to tourism that took place and how they affected people in general.
5. Gender Analysis – For an effective implementation it is necessary to understand the gender roles and their implications. Inputs from such exercise will help in developing a stepwise plan for the building community institutions. Each society is a mix of different communities with varying value systems; role of women and active participation is different based community beliefs and it is necessary to mutually understand these perspectives. This will also help in designing the capacity building programs.
6. Master Plan of Nalanda- Stakeholder and focus groups to identify and prioritize their concerns and needs to develop a suitable Master-Plan of Nalanda
7. Institutions- what is community’s expectation of suitable institutions

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